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MIT Department of Biology: 7.02 Experimental Biology and Communication « Systems of Praxis

Soft and hard skills should be learned together like this:


Application of experimental techniques in microbiology, biochemistry, and cell and developmental biology. Emphasizes integrating factual knowledge with understanding the design of experiments and data analysis to prepare students for research projects.

Development of skills critical for writing about scientific findings in modern biology. Instruction and practice in written communication provided.

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Many historically important science papers including Newton’s letters at the Royal Society

This paper describes a possible structure for the paracrystalline form of the sodium salt of deoxyribonucleic acid. The structure consists of two DNA chains wound helically round a common axis, and held together by hydrogen bonds between specific pairs of bases. The assumptions made in deriving the structure are described, and co-ordinates are given for the principal atoms. The structure of the crystalline form is discussed briefly.

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Use a mnemonic of the first letter of each word of a sentence with text expanders like

Repeat Keyword from Previous Sentence

To give automatic feedback when using MS Word of Google docs to comment on student writing. EXAMPLE output from RKFPS:

OF “THIS/THESE + repeated keyword of a longer term from a previous sentence is an effective way to connect words without repeating a long technical term.

This shift, This finding, This problem, This increase, This theory, This technique, This change etc.

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