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ReadCube for Researchers

PDF viewing and platform tool for researchers.

Go Beyond the PDF. A revolutionary way to read the article Optimized PDF viewing Supplements and related materials Clickable inline references Full Reference List Figure Browser 1-click author searches Related articles Inline notes and highlighting tools Full Screen Viewer Customizable interface

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Bloom’s taxonomy: a useful guide to reflect on both teaching and learning


Bloom’s revised taxonomy is one of the most useful tools I know to help instructors improve assignments and sequence learning activities.

It can also be used by students to reflect on their level of learning of a topic. Unfortunately, they will often be tested only at the level of remembering.

MIT Department of Biology: 7.02 Experimental Biology and Communication « Systems of Praxis

Soft and hard skills should be learned together like this:


Application of experimental techniques in microbiology, biochemistry, and cell and developmental biology. Emphasizes integrating factual knowledge with understanding the design of experiments and data analysis to prepare students for research projects.

Development of skills critical for writing about scientific findings in modern biology. Instruction and practice in written communication provided.

via MIT Department of Biology: 7.02 Experimental Biology and Communication.

Men’s Health News

Your move: Use the 20-20 rule. “Trying to sit up perfectly straight all day is impractical and will only tire you out,” says Alan Hedge, Ph.D., an ergonomics professor at Cornell University. Instead, every 20 minutes, stand for 20 seconds and stretch or shake things out. “Just 20 seconds away from your computer screen reduces fatigue and increases blood circulation,” says Hedge. Better yet, take it to the next level: Eliminate sitting altogether and discover How to Upgrade to a Stand-up Desk.

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Toodledo : 3rd Party Directory

3rd Party Directory

Toodledo has the ability to connect to many popular services and devices to allow you to access your tasks from anywhere. It’s your to-do list, so you should be able to take it with you. This directory lists many different 3rd party tools that were built upon Toodledo’s free and open API.

# iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ( 25 )

# Android ( 13 )

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