Software toolkit

Useful software for the writing and research process

Software for writing and keeping notes

Take notes, save URLs and online articles, and Clip references; database search power without effort

Todo lists

One of the most important thing you can do when writing a paper, theses, or dissertation is to break down your work into tasks that

Have access to your files synched anywhere you go

Collaboration tools

Collaborative writing and reference management


How to use mindmapping for academic writing. It is usually taught as a brainstorming tool but may be even more useful to integrate new information and ideas into what you have already started learning or writing. This is an advantage of software over pen and paper mindmapping. You might want to start a mindmap on paper but then create a digital version later for ongoing writing projects or learning.

A review of the most popular mindmapping tools


Reference management software

I like to use endnote to store everything and other tools for specific projects or papers. (available free from Hanyang HYIN software download and many university institutions )

For those who use the firefox browser

Survey tools

Free online survery tool. Can also be used to get quick feedback from students.