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Evernote for Students: The Ultimate Research Tool – Education Series « Evernote Blogcast

The first step in any research project is, well, the research. This means gathering all of the preliminary information you’ll need to start the writing process. If you’re gathering information using word processing documents, or on paper, things quickly get messy. With Evernote, all quotes, statistics and reference material pages are in one place, easily accessible and searchable by keywords, notebooks and tags. This is especially helpful when information could be coming from all sorts of places – the Web, handwritten notes, typed notes, and even photographs.Here’s an example of a way to organize your research:Make a notebook for every project for example: “Civil War Thesis”. Then add tags like “sources,” “quotes,” “data” and “important events,” so you can quickly sort through your research at any time. The simplicity of search in a centralized system is one of the biggest benefits of Evernote for research purposes.

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Get PDFs ASAP with Pubget | Bitesize Bio

Each year, scientists spend at least a quarter billion minutes searching for biomedical literature online. This is time they could better spend curing disease and building the future. Pubget’s mission is to give them that time back.One really convenient feature of Pubget is that right on the home page it provides customizable links to top scientific journals, thereby allowing you to easily browse the most recent issues of your favorite publications and instantly read the PDFs of any interesting article. Again, it only works if you have access rights!

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RRiki : Ruby Research Wiki

RRiki (Ruby Research Wiki) is software that can be used to keep notes and organize references for research. RRiki runs on your local computer via a webbrowser. You can add, edit and search through your notes from within your webbrowser much like you would access a wiki (such as wikipedia). You can get detailed information about RRiki from the project wiki.

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Welcome to Engineering Village

Engineering Village is the premier web-based discovery platform meeting the information needs of the engineering community. By coupling powerful search tools, an intuitive user interface and essential content sources, Engineering Village has become the globally accepted source of choice for engineers, engineering students, researchers and information professionals.

Engineering Village provides access to today’s most important engineering content through one single interface:

* Compendex®

* Engineering Index Backfile

* Inspec®

* Inspec Archive


* Referex

* Patents from USPTO and esp@cenet

* Ei Patents

* EnCompassLIT

* EnCompassPAT


* Chimica


* PaperChem

* GeoRef

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Mendeley – Reference Manager (Lite) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Mendeley is academic software that indexes and organizes all of your PDF documents and research papers into your own personal digital library. It gathers document details from your PDFs allowing you to effortlessly search, organize and cite. It also looks up PubMed, CrossRef, DOIs and other related document details automatically, importing papers quickly and easily from resources such as Google Scholar, ACM, IEEE and many more at the click of a button.

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