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We scientists are all so focussed on getting our work published that many of us seem to forget something very important; that publication is just the beginning. After publication is when our manuscripts really have to do their essential work of communicating our science to our peers. If no-one reads the manuscript,

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Welcome to XVIVO Scientific Animation.Everyday, scientists are discovering and inventing things that no human has ever seen before. Our mission is dedicated to making these discoveries visible, understandable and compelling. We look forward to learning about you, your product, your science and your story. Working together with you and your team we can create an elegant, accurate and inspirational work of science animation.

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Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine

Free online access to the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine:

answer questions; do math; instantly get facts, calculators, unit conversions, and real-time quantitative data and statistics; create plots and visualizations; and access vast scientific, technical, chemical, medical, health, business, financial, weather, geographic, dictionary, calendar, reference, and general knowledge—and much more.

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Education By Disruption: Salman Kahn’s YouTube Revolution | Epicenter |

“When I signed up, I wasn’t a YouTube partner, so I was limited to 10 minutes,” Khan said. While initially it may have been an obstacle, it made him focus, so he couldn’t “talk around the matter” as some teachers tend to do, prompting heads on open textbooks. He found that his students appreciated the short-form style. “Instead of having to watch a 60-minute lecture, they could just jump in and see what ‘cosecant’ means.”

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Self-Plagiarism: Office of Research Integrity

Office of Research Integrity.

Although it lacks enough specific examples, it is still one of the better handouts on plagiarism issues. Most other guides were designed for humanities and social science undergraduate writing like the Purdue OWL site and don’t begin to capture the complexity of problems in using references.