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Turnitin – Adding Quickmark Comments

This seems entirely unnecessary as you can do the same with easily memorized codes using software such as Breevy.

To add a QuickMark editing mark to a paper, simply click on the QuickMark comment in the sidebar and drag it onto the desired location on the paper.

To select the active QuickMark set for the QuickMark sidebar:

Click on the QuickMark Manager icon

The active set has the circle next to its name filled in with blue. Click on the name of the set to add to the sidebar

Click the “Make this the active set” link in the far right column

Close the library by clicking on the “Close” link in the bottom right corner of the QuickMark Manager. The QuickMark comments within the active QuickMark set will now be displayed in the QuickMark sidebar

To change the active QuickMark set without opening the QuickMark Manager, click on the QuickMark set list icon to the left of the active set name and select the set to use to mark up the paper.

To add a QuickMark editing mark to a paper:

If the QuickMark sidebar is not open, Click on the “QuickMark” button below the sidebar

Click the QuickMark comment to add it to the center of the paper or click and drag the comment to the desired location on the paper. Hovering over a QuickMark will display the description of the mark in the blue tinted area below the QuickMark sidebar

To associate a highlight with a QuickMark comment, select the text on the paper and then click on the QuickMark comment on the sidebar

The QuickMark comment will automatically be placed at the end of the highlight

(Optional) Instructors can add additional comments to a QuickMark, change the color of the highlight, or associate a QuickMark comment with a rubric criterion by clicking on the “Edit” button while hovering over a QuickMark comment

(Optional) Enter the additional comment in the Additional Commentstext box, (if applicable) select a rubric criterion to associate the QuickMark comment with from the Associate a criterion drop down menu, or (if applicable) select a different color for the highlight.

Then click “Save” to add the additional comment to the QuickMark, associate the mark with a rubric criterion or apply the new highlight color

Creating QuickMark Comments

Instructors can create their own QuickMark comments in the QuickMark Manager or transform a regular comment on a paper into a QuickMark. This allows instructors to create class or curriculum specific marks that may not be part of the sets provided by Turnitin or the account administrator.

To create a new QuickMark from a regular comment made to a paper:

Click on the “Comment” button on the side bar or click anywhere on the paper to add a comment to the paper

Enter the comment description within the text field

Click on the “Save as new QuickMark” link

Enter a title for the QuickMark. This title will be displayed on the paper.

Select a set to add this QuickMark to by clicking on the drop down menu below “Add to set:”

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Plagiarism Checker – the most accurate and absolutely FREE! Try now!

In this technological age, a plagiarism checker is essential for protecting your written work. A plagiarism checker benefits teachers, students, website owners, and anyone else interested in protecting their writing. Our service guarantees that anything you write can be thoroughly checked by our plagiarism software to ensure that your texts are unique.

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The Quizlet App: Now With VoiceOver for Users with Impaired Vision | Blog | Quizlet

VoiceOverVoiceOver is an advanced screen-reading technology from Apple that lets students hear what’s onscreen and control their keyboard without visuals. So even if a student is vision-impaired they can still use the Quizlet app.To enable VoiceOver on your iPhone or iPod, click on Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver

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Free online Dictionary of English Pronunciation – How to Pronounce English words

Useful when preparing presentations. My students have difficulty with words like definite.

When your entry appears in pink, mouse over to hear it pronounced.Create lists of up to 15 entries like this: cat;cart;cut;caught etc.There are currently 160381 entries in the dictionary.

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Use a mnemonic of the first letter of each word of a sentence with text expanders like

Repeat Keyword from Previous Sentence

To give automatic feedback when using MS Word of Google docs to comment on student writing. EXAMPLE output from RKFPS:

OF “THIS/THESE + repeated keyword of a longer term from a previous sentence is an effective way to connect words without repeating a long technical term.

This shift, This finding, This problem, This increase, This theory, This technique, This change etc.